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The Effects of Economic, Socio-Cultural and Environment of an Integrated Rural Tourism Destination Pinge Village-Tabanan

I Wayan Pantiyasa, Ni Luh Supartini


Community based Tourism paradigm as a concept of alternative tourism has been able to provide distribution to community either in welfare or empowerment towards sustainable tourism. In relation to this paradigm, this study was conducted to analyze the impacts of rural tourism development in Pinge village. Pinge is one of the village in Tabanan- Bali which has been developed to be rural tourism destination.The approach used in this research was qualitative descriptive. Technique of collecting data was through interviewing with community leader and conducting field observations in order to find out positive and negative impacts to economy, socio cultural and environment to this village. The researcher found that the development of rural tourism provides positive and negative impacts to society in Pinge. From the result of data collection, there were found that economy of society was improved, the culture was preserved, and the environment was arranged well. The result of this study is expected to be a reference study in rural tourism development in Pinge village through controlling the negative impacts from this tourism destination development.

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