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Komang Shanty Muni Parwati, I Gede Putu Widarmana, I Gusti Ayu Melistyari Dewi


As a part of tourism Industry, Bali has become famous for its best SPA destination in the world. One of its best SPA treatments is the traditional Balinese Massage. Many SPA lovers are fond of the massage since it offers many great things and uniqueness. People can easily spot the treatment as main attraction in both small scale business and also in five stars hotels. Balinese massage itself is a SPA treatment that comes from many combinations as Hindu, Buddhism, and also Chinese culture since ages. Since many SPA industries are selling Balinese massage as its main course and many people are also like to have the treatment, it is deemed necessary to find out the traditional Balinese massage as a SPA brand especially in Sanur beach area. The research is design qualitatively where it is using instruments like observation sheets, questionnaires, and interview to gain research data towards SPA industries, clients, and therapists in Sanur beach area. The data gained shows that traditional Balinese massage has excellent; 1) Brand Favorability of Association, where the treatment can meet the clients’ need and satisfaction, 2) Strength of Brand Association, where the treatment has formed strong associations in the mind of consumers as a result of actively and continuously thinking about certain information on the treatment, 3) Uniqueness of Brand Association, where the treatment have a unique or special characteristic that is hard to duplicate by other products, like the use of oil and aroma therapy, so that imprint in the minds of customers, 4) Loyalty, where the customers are always enjoying the treatment and keep asking for it regularly. It is hoped that the government can see the result this research and keep promoting Balinese massage in the world to attract more visitors to come to Bali, especially Sanur area.

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