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The Relevance of Foreign Language Teaching Materials in High School (SMA) to Cultural Preservation and Tourism Development in Tabanan District

I Gede Putu Widarmana


Bali is one of a very famous tourist destination in the world. Many things can be developed as tourism objects in each district in Bali. One of them is Tabanan regency that offers some choices to visit, which is very famous for its natural beauty attractions. Tourism in Tabanan can be developed by strengthening the human resources that involved in it, which can be through the teaching of foreign languages, such as English that is generally given at school. However, the issue may arise whether foreign language teaching is able to support the attitudes to preserve the culture and able to develop tourism in Tabanan. Therefore this study was held to address issues intended to see the relevance of learning foreign language in Senior high school with cultural preservation and development of tourism in Tabanan. The research method used is descriptive with multiple-case study sites. The results show that the teachers have done their job in teaching using materials that are recommended by the curriculum, but the impact of the preservation and development of tourism in Tabanan is still quite low, which is caused by the material used is less related to the cultural preservation and tourism development. Therefore it is advisable to make some changes in the teaching of foreign language in the future.

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