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The Impact of Social, Economic and Environment in Local Community Participation of Archeological Tourism Village Bedulu Gianyar, Bali

I Ketut Putra Suarthana, Ni Luh Putu Agustini K, Widi Hardini


This study aims to measure the changes in the economic, socio-culture and community environment as the result of community participation at Bedulu tourism village activities. The activities of Bedulu tourist village involved the community in a various sector such as, economic, socio-culture and environment preservations. Quantitative descriptive method with quantitative regression analysis techniques applied in this research. The independent variable of this research is the local community participation (X), whereas the dependent variable consists with three economic impact (Y1), socio-culture (Y2), and environment (Y3). Purposive sampling technique conducted in order to explore the response of 50 respondents with tourism implementation impact in Bedulu tourism village. The sample consists of all local community participations and management in which involved with the tourism village. Findings to this research are the positive impact of the local community participation and significant effect on the change of economic, socio-culture and environmental preservation in Bedulu Tourism Village. The implication of this research is the incremental of local community participations in creative industries based on local community. 

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