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Mariaty Ibrahim, Musadad Musadad


The quality of a good or service is mostly determined by the consumers. Accordingly, satisfying consumers can be attained by providing good quality products which are not only affected by the service quality itself, but also by other factors, including price. Price issues faced by Queen Star Waterpark in Siak Regency of Riau Province in the past three years have decreased the number of visitors and raised visitors’ complaints. This study, therefore, was aimed at finding out the effect of price on visitor satisfaction. The data was collected through conducting interview with the waterpark manager and distributing questionnaires to 100 respondents as the samples chosen randomly through accidental sampling. To analyze the collected data, simple regression was used, while the hypothesis testing was performed through t-test and analysis of the coefficient of determination (R). The analysis results showed that the variable x (price) was proven to significantly affect the variable y (visitor satisfaction). This implies that the waterpark management should take this into consideration and adopt a new approach to pricing.


waterpark, price, visitor satisfaction

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