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The Potential of Bandung Techno Park Core Resources as Tourist Attraction

Ersy Ervina, Adrian Agoes


Bandung Techno Park (BTP) is a Science Park which was established with the primary purpose as a center for technology development and innovation. In the process, Bandung Techno Park attracts many visits from various circles, indicating that at Bandung Techno Park there are resources that could potentially be a visitor attraction. This study aimed to identify the resources of the core (core resources) in Techno Park that can be used as tourism appeal. Method used in this study is the observation to the location of Bandung Techno Park to take the visual data and make records. Then, for more detailed information we conducted a live interview with the manager and the architect as the main resources. From research result it was found few resources of the core attraction in the area of information and communication technology (ICT). Also it was found edutainment concept of the architecture of Bandung Techno Park. The findings of such products as core resources, namely: Mobitick (Mobile Ticketing), U-Kit, Smart Parking System, Posture Check, Incinerator and School Presence System. As the Core resources were identified Techno Park, in this region are expected to be developed into a tourist attraction and become choice of alternative tourism in South Bandung. Further study of the results of this study can be continued for the development of Techno Park as an education tourism product.

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